Paint-Out Locations

wed, june 12, 2019

14198 Lorraine Lane, Harborton

10:00 am - 3:00 pm



At the home of Lisa Harlow in Harborton. Lisa’s home has a fabulous studio, gorgeous flower gardens, and wonderful water views. Please join us there for this event.


Contact Marianne Francavilla at mcfrancavilla@yahoo.com and let her know you’re coming!


14198 Lorraine Lane, Harborton

  1. From Route 13 in Keller, turn WEST onto Route 180, toward Pungoteague and Harborton.

  2. At the “T” intersection in Pungoteague, there is a “left then right” jog. Continue on 180 West, taking the right turn into Harborton at the old general store.

  3. Take the first left turn off 180 in Harborton onto Junior Street, then another left onto Lorraine Lane, and go to #14198.

  4. Park off the circular driveway, under the trees.