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Paint-Ins & Paint-Outs*

Enjoy some of the most beautiful spots on the Eastern Shore. Members come together for the day to work on art projects. Ten times a year, we gather at a beautiful spot on the Shore – often a private home – and enjoy the surroundings. Many of us paint what we see. Others bring projects to work on – and not just paintings. Some photograph what we see or write down what it means to us. We either bring lunch, or a dish to share (homemade or store-bought). If you ask for input on your work, you’ll usually get good advice. If you don’t want input, that’s OK, too. You are sure to meet new friends and have a break from the usual.

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

*by invitation by a member



Thurs, May 23


Wed, June 12


Wed, July 17


Tues, August 13


Last week September

Chatham Flower Farm


To be announced

Wed, November 6